Monday, 27 January 2014

Updating the shop

After a bit of thought I've given my Etsy store a quick restructure and finally relisted my booties on there. The difference being that I've sorted the booties I sell into different yarn types - all the different colours that I make with the same type of yarn are included in one listing so it is well worth clicking on each to see the different colour options available.

When I get some better quality light I'll take new bootie photos so the main photo shows all the colours available - which will hopefully make it easier for people to browse them.

Why not go and have a quick look at what is up online now and tell me what you think?

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Pretty baby clothes

Happy New Year everyone! 

I'm slowly getting back into my crochet groove after a lovely Christmas break with family. My next big job is to get my Etsy shop back restocked with a bit of a re-arrange but until that happens I wanted to share my latest project - a very pretty baby dress (pattern by Marianne Cant) 

And these pretty little baby socks (pattern by Me!)